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How do I refer a child?

• Initially
Referrals to Child & Family Connections (CFC) can be made by a family member, doctor, day care provider, or anyone concerned about the development of a child who is under 36 months old. To make a referral, call the Intake Coordinator at 815-477-4720 ext. 238.

The Intake Coordinator will take basic contact information for the child, who will then be assigned to a Service Coordinator (SC). The Service Coordinator will contact the child’s family to set up a meeting to obtain information and written permission from the parent/legal guardian to proceed. The SC will help the family understand their rights under Part C Early Intervention, including the right to free evaluations. The SC will help the family coordinate when and where the evaluations will take place.

• What Happens Next
Once a child is determined eligible, the SC will assist the family in determining desired outcomes (goals) for their child’s development through the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) and then link families to services. The SC provides ongoing support and service coordination while the child is receiving services.

If a child is found ineligible for Early Intervention services, the SC and the Parent Liaison will help the family identify other resources to meet their needs.

If you have concerns about the development of your child who is over age 3, you can receive a screening through your local school district. For the current contact information, dates and locations of upcoming screenings for each local school district, please click here