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What is a Live Video Visit?

Live video visits (e.g., telehealth or teletherapy) enable you and your child to receive early intervention (EI) services during COVID-19. Live video visits are new to Illinois EI services and are ONLY being offered during the pandemic. As such, live video visits may be new to you. Below, we provide some ways live video visits compare with in-person EI visits.

Similarities between live video visits and in-person visits:

  • You will continue to meet with your Service Coordinator for your EI services.

  • You will continue to receive coaching from your Service Coordinator about how to support your child.

  • Billing will remain the same regardless of whether the EI session is via live video visit or in-person.

  • The use of interpreters and co-treatment can still occur regardless of whether the EI session is via live video visit or in-person.

  • You may use items and resources in your home to incorporate them into the EI session.

  • Initial, annual, review, and exit Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) meetings can be conducted via live video visits.

  • Documentation is the same for live video visits and in-person visits.


Differences between live video visits and in-person visit:


  • Live video visits are conducted via an Internet platform. Live video visits are not conducted in-person.

  • In live video visits, your provider may share resources with you over the Internet platform (versus in-person).

  • If you agree to live video visits, you will need to provide consent to your service coordinator.

  • Prior to implementing live video visits, EI personnel need to complete required teletherapy training.

  • Live video visits will NOT be recorded.

  • Families cannot be asked to encounter financial hardship (e.g., buying equipment or Internet service) to receive live video visits. Live video visits can look different depending on the context, the child, the service being provided, and a variety of other scenarios.


Live video visits for early intervention and examples of using coaching in live video visits: