Our Team of Dedicated & Caring Professionals

Child & Family Connections Program Director is Karen Rios. Her email address is karen.rios@opad.org.  She is also available by calling 815-477-4720.

The Staff at Child and Family Connections #25

The Program Manager assigns each family a Service Coordinator and provides  supervision and assistance to the staff.

The Intake Coordinator is the first contact person to get children started in the Early Intervention system by providing an introduction and giving additional resources as needed.

The Service Coordinator guides families through the Early Intervention system. This individual is required to have a minimum of a Bachelors Degree in a related filed. Service Coordinators will ensure that evaluations and services meet the needs of each family.

The Parent Liaison links families with common concerns and experiences, offers additional support, and ensures services provided are family-centered. The Parent Liaison has a child who has been through the Early Intervention system and can offer assistance and information on an informal and personal basis.

The Local Interagency Council (LIC) Coordinator oversees the collaborative efforts of individuals who plan, implement, and evaluate the Early Intervention service system. Families are encouraged to participate in this council in order to ensure the highest level of services.

The Social Emotional Specialist focuses on professional development and clinical consultation for Service Coordinators and therapists in the areas of infant mental health and social emotional issues of children and families. The Social Emotional Specialist works with the Child and Family Connections staff and therapists to build skills in relationship-based intervention and reflection in their work.

Child & Family Connections

Karen Rios, Program Manager ext. 234 Karen.Rios@opad.org
Susan Beckman, Asst. Program Manager ext. 227 Susan.Beckman@opad.org
Beatris Alba ext. 247 Beatris.Alba@opad.org
Angela Krambeer ext. 238 Angela.Krambeer@opad.org
Kristen Dwire ext. 228 Kristen.Dwire@opad.org
Anna Kreller ext. 251 Anna.Kreller@opad.org
Christina Keach ext. 259 Christina.Keach@opad.org
Donna Minogue ext. 239 Donna.Minogue@opad.org
Desiree Petermann ext. 243 Desiree.Petermann@opad.org
Anna Weltzien ext. 246 Anna.Weltzien@opad.org
Lori Wolfberg ext. 257 Lori.Wolfberg@opad.org
Brianna Hartmann ext. 237 Brianna.Hartmann@opad.org
Melissa Mele ext. 258 Melissa.Mele@opad.org
Becca Hannula ext. 224 Becca.Hannula@opad.org
Michele Rogers ext. 232 Michele.Rogers@opad.org
Gabriela Delgadillo ext. 253  Gabriela.Delgadillo@opad.org