Playgroups are not meeting as of 2/2021. Please check back for further updates.

The Child & Family Connections and Helping Us Grow programs are offering playgroups for you and your child, ages 4 & under.  Enjoy some quality time with your child and watch them meet and play with kids their age while you enjoy some conversation with people your age!  Invite a friend if you like, or use the opportunity to meet other families in your community.  Each session incorporates free exploration time, circle time, stories, music, a craft, snack, and more.  There is a lot of variety so kids can practice all of their developing skills, not only gross and fine motor, but also sensory and social skills.  Circle time and other (loosely) structured activities are a wonderful way to prepare an older child for pre-school or kindergarten in a “no pressure” atmosphere that is relaxed and supportive.  Each month we will have a different theme for our activities so there is always something new!

Due to the interest in our playgroups, we are splitting most playgroups (except from Harvard) into two separate groups.

  • Children up to 26 months would attend our first group from 9:15 – 10:15 am and will focus more on learning how to play with others and learning how to share and early concepts.
  • Children 27 months and older would attend our group from 10:30 – 11:30 am. This group will be a little more structured and help prepare these older children for preschool. This group will include practice in listening, following directions, sitting for story time and doing more challenging activities.
  • We would like parents who have children in both age groups to choose the group that fits the age of your child who is in Early Intervention.