The Life Management Services® division at DayOne PACT, formerly known as PACT, Inc. has worked since 1981 to advise and assist families, trust officers, attorneys and other professionals in meeting the current and future needs of individuals with disabilities in Northeastern Illinois.

They accomplish this by offering fee-for-service advocacy (case management), guardian of person and/or estate, trustee or personal budgeting assistant services.

They work with individuals of all ages with disabilities, families, trust officers, attorneys, and other professionals to see that appropriate supports are present to ensure maximum independence with freedom from exploitation.

The advocacy role (case management), in situations where court appointed guardianship is unnecessary, is a critical role that DayOne PACT can play in the life of an individual needing support. Effective advocacy assists individuals in maintaining their independence while remaining linked to care options available to them. The quality of the advocacy relationship is built on the personal interaction between the Life Management Services® service case coordinator and the individual they are serving. An advocate serves as an informed source of communication with families and providers of support services. They can act as a second set of eyes for family members not living nearby. The advocate can also assist in reviewing the effectiveness of established services and supports.

As guardian, they help to ensure personal and financial well-being when a disability affects an individual’s ability to make or communicate decisions. Recognizing the need for guardianship is often difficult for individuals and families so when called on to act in this capacity they strive to help maintain the dignity of the individual needing a guardian. When required, DayOne PACT is able to provide informed consent for individuals as guardian. DayOne PACT, under the supervision of the court, will make substitute decisions on behalf of the individual if necessary, and also communicate with family, providers, and the individual served.

DayOne PACT also serves as trustee for individuals. Whether it is an OBRA ’93 Trust or a Special Needs Trust, they are experienced in managing the multiple responsibilities that are associated with these types of trusts. Also unique to being a trustee, they can also provide the advocacy role alongside managing the trust. They are also capable of working with established trustees when a bank, trust company, or family trustee find social service decisions beyond their ability and means to effectively implement. As an independent organization, their focus is on the beneficiary of the trust.

Why choose Life Management Services® from DayOne PACT, Inc.?

  • With experience since 1981 working in the northeastern Illinois area, they are one of the oldest private non–for-profit 501(c)(3) organizations to provide this service.
  • A trained, social service professional is assigned as your service coordinator to provide personalized service.
  • You get a team working for you at Life Management Services®. Staff with background in mental health, developmental disabilities, geriatric care, home services, state services and government benefits work together to provide the comprehensive knowledge needed to achieve the best outcomes for your family member.
  • As a corporation, they are overseen by an independent, volunteer board of directors that monitors the operations of the organization and assures the integrity of their services.

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