Dear Friend,

There are many things that are important to know about Beth.  She loves books, swinging, playing outside, her family, music and school.  Her smile and laughter are contagious.  Beth does not like hearing no or having to go to the doctor.  Beth was born at just 27 weeks and spent the first year of her life in a hospital.  Beth first came to Options & Advocacy through our Child & Family Connections program.  After she “graduated” at age 3 from that program, she and her family began receiving supports from our Autism Support Program.  Today Beth and her family are still supported by the Autism Support Program as well as the Community Access Coordination program.  She received educational advocacy, help with accessing resources, and helping her family understand Beth’s diagnosis.  Beth continues to make amazing progress.  She has gone from communicating with gestures and noises to using an app on a tablet to speaking in full sentences.  To see a parent’s joy hearing her child’s voice say “I love you Mommy!” when that voice was believed to be locked away forever, can only be described as incredible.

Please help us support Beth and her family and the 2,200 other infants, children and adults that Options & Advocacy supports throughout the year.

This year our annual fundraiser, Over the Moon for Options & Advocacy, is on Friday, September 29 at the Crystal Lake Country Club.  We will once again feature the music of the Rick Embach Duo.  It will feature a silent auction, raffles, and an open bar and great food.

Consider being a sponsor, buying tickets, or donating a silent auction item.  We know that every dollar raised goes towards the quality services like the ones that had such impact in Beth’s life.




Cindy Sullivan

Executive Director

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